About Us

Diya Whitepaper is niche online information and analysis resource covering global media & entertainment market space with strong focus towards IT centric insights. The service portfolio includes up to date reports on current trends, market insights, competitive dynamics, and technological innovation across media & entertainment landscape. The syndicated and on-demand industry reports and white papers facilities clients make well informed strategic and financial investment decisions in the global media & entertainment related technology industries.

   Service Offerings

Diya Whitepaper business idea stands on providing necessary information to stakeholders with high content value proposition. Thus, the company offers single report centric catalogue for specialized media & entertainment based stakeholders seeking niche information related to unique insights such as:

  • Unique reports on industry sectors, companies and technology platforms (3D)
  • On-demand single report published on individual media & entertainment segment in 2-5 days
  • On-demand profiles of media companies and benchmarking prepared in standard one week time offering unique insights such as risks, opportunities and inorganic expansion strategies.
  • Sensitivity analysis on new product development related to digital media (cloud based advertising)
  • Round the clock research delivery network with analysts based in US and India
   Stakeholders Value Creation

Global media & entertainment segment is highly fragmented with professionals seeking unique information insights rather than generalized trends. Syndicated and on-demand single reports offered at value pricing provide “Desired” data and knowledge transfer.

Secondary benefits for media & entertainment business professionals are:

  • Latest IT centric knowhow: Niche industry coverage of media & entertainment related IT services and solutions related to 3D, rendering, paid content, transcoding and rich media
  • Balanced qualitative and quantitative research methodology: Moderate length reports to capture most important developments and insights
  • Balance of business and IT trends creating buzz across global media & entertainment landscape: Focus on industry and IT trends shaping current digital and traditional media & entertainment market space
   Target Customer Base

Diya Whitepaper is an essential syndicated and on-demand market research delivery platform for industry professionals, advisors and investors active in the global media & entertainment industry. Single reports offer “desired” information to business development, strategy consultants, industry professionals and marketing research & services companies on long-term basis.

Whether you are looking to identify growth opportunities in new technology markets in media & entertainment (3D), analyze trends in M&A activity or assess your competition, Diya Whitepaper will assist in closing the information and knowledge creation gap.